I hear in my readings frequently that people ask me if the people that we connect to are ok. When we transition we are moving from one life to another. It is a different reality, a different energy that we connect to.

When we cross people think that it is uneasy or fearful, after connecting to so many people on the Other Side and my Guides it is definitely a loving and peaceful transition. Do we need time to adjust to the new energy? absolutely. It is similar to moving, we know where we are going, we know it is where we need to be, we know it is the right place, We just need to get acclimated to the new surroundings.

A lot of people see or connect to people who have crossed…family members, spouses, or even close friends. This happens because people are accepting of the help from people to transition smoothly. This not a resistant help but more of a Loved support that they are ready for them to cross.

When we have people from the Other Side connect to us in the Physical it is because there is something in our lives we need to be aware of or there is a message that needs to be delivered. There will be more added to this on my next blog.

Connecting to Spirit.

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