Time- A sermon



How many people can say that they have enough time in their lives to accomplish the things they want to? Heck, how many people can say they have time in one day to achieve this goal. We create our own agendas and create our own time lines but what do we do with this time?
I am the biggest purveyor of time not well spent. I create different scenarios that change my direction to achieve certain goals. When a mind isn’t focused we lose a sense of time. We don’t accomplish the goals or agendas that we send out.
Think of how when we meditate we clear all from our mind and open ourselves to the present moment and the present time. ADD or ADHD is a condition when our minds get distracted easily. The best way I can put it is in the movie UP the dog keeps getting distracted by a squirrel in mid-sentence. We all have our squirrel moments. We all have times when we lose our focus. It is what we do to redirect ourselves to the right path.
My week has been about missing and forgetting appointments. My focus was on things that I had no control over. I spent time on things that could have used less time focusing on. It has been a true eye opener for me as I have had to realize that I let go of control of my life and didn’t live in the now to see and plan my events in my life.
How can I understand and grow from this? How can I help others to stay on their path and to stay on living their life in the moment? How can I not be overwhelmed when life throws a lot at me and I have to delineate the information and get all of it organized?
I have realized it is about taking the moment to see the position you are in and seeing the reason for why we are in that situation. The bottom line on this is that it is about taking a step into your moment in time. Remember that we radiate in our own world and time is a concept wholly to ourselves in our own world.
Time truly is a concept. If you look at life, at your life, my life, the person’s life next to you, you will find out that when we all were younger we all wanted to grow up faster. We all wanted time to move faster. Because we had goals in a way. We wanted to be bigger or older, we wanted to go to school or the next grade. We usually lose this frame of mind as we become a certain age. Why? Because time starts to go by incredibly fast. We try to keep ourselves in the moment and deal with life’s issues and make plans but we get distracted and our focus goes to the things we have no control over. We lose the “Moment” we lose the time we have for ourselves and life’s path. We have all felt lost through our lives at one point or another. We all have wondered where we were heading or what we are doing or what we are supposed to do.
We all never worried about the next moment when we were younger, we wanted to be something and realized we had to wait for it. When was the last time we put a ¼, ½ or ¾ after our age like when were kids?
There is an old saying, “Life happens while you’re making other plans”. We become so engrossed with our events, issues, and trying to control our lives, we lose the path we are on. If we take the Master Metaphysician’s life and look at it, he lived in the moment, Jesus was never ahead of himself, he never had issues stop him from staying on his path. He never let the idea of being betrayed or his life being sacrificed for us to stop him from living his life each day and in each moment.
I call this part, “part 2”: How movies have been made where a person is given the gift of seeing where their life has come from where it is and where it is heading and the chance to making adjustments. Whether you have 30 mins. Or 30 years left on this planet it is about how you experience your time. How you use your energy to make the most of time.
We have the opportunity to create our own future, change the way we see and handle our time. As I had said earlier time is just a concept. It is a linear why to track or organize our existence. If we were here for infinity, we would not have to pack all the accomplishments into a block of time, or we wouldn’t have to worry about getting things done by sets of priorities. Why? Because we would know that we would have time to create the time needed to achieve whatever it might be.
As Metaphysicians we have the knowledge and understanding on how to live in the moment. We have the ability to bring our energy into a balanced state. If this moment now is where you doors open or doors close and we are in the now we are able to accept that this is what is needed in our path. When we live in the now we can understand what we need to grow and move forward. I was able to live in the moment and organize myself so I may become more organized and in the moment.

The steps I have found to live with time as an ally are:
1) Take the time each day to center yourself. You will be able to create and balanced agenda for the day, week, month, or year. Whatever you need.
2) If you feel you are being pulled in many directions find your self-worth, self-security, or your own inner power to bring you back to your center. This can be used in any situation you might be faced with.
3) If you fall off, or become estranged from your path allow the journey to happen. There is a reason. If your living in the moment. Living in your time than there is a lesson or an experience that is needed.
4) We all have agendas and paths and families and work to attend to but it is how we plan or create the way we experience this times that delineate if we enjoy and experience these things or they become a task or chore. Find your understanding of time and experience life’s pleasures through that.

As this sermon started out in the physical level with dealing with issues and then transcended to a spiritual or metaphysical level so do every lesson or problem we face has the ability to do also.

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