Meditation and Relaxation


Relaxation and Balancing CDMeditating daily even for 5 minutes will not only help to channel energy but also balance you mentally, emotionally, and physically. It has been proven medically that meditation can help reduce blood pressure issues, stress, and anxiety.

You also help relax yourself with meditation as you clear your mind and put stressing or worrying thoughts out of your head. With this calmness of mind it helps you see answers clearly to your problems.

It is important that when you meditate, that you meditate in the same spot at the same time, every time.

This way you build up a strong and positive energy. Whether you meditate for 5 minutes or an hour you help to arrange the energies in your body in a positive way. Think about your body as energy and when you meditate you raise your vibrations and make the molecules move faster. With fast movement comes more energy, with more energy comes a better running body.

When we are happy and positive we have high energy and when we are sad or depressed we have low energy. We learn from our emotions and become more aware of ourselves as we deal with our emotions but at the same time we can help our emotions be channeled in a better way when we focus on ourselves in our meditations.

May all your meditations be positive and helpful and may your energies all ways be high.

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