spirit_of_faithFaith is an interesting topic…It is truly a dichotomy of different energies. Faith propels us into the abyss when we feel anxious or afraid. Faith helps to understand we are on the right path. Faith is the motivating drive that propels our manifestation to be sent to the Universe and help bring it back to us.

Everybody has had their Faith tested on more than one occasion. What is a driving force of Faith….it is fear. Yes the opposite of Faith is fear. Fear is what helps us cross the bridge to Faith. When I do readings I connect to movies and when I did this sermon on Faith I connected to a Indiana Jones Movie. He needed to get to the Holy Grail. When he approached a chasm between him and the cave that held the Grail he had to have faith that there was a bridge to cross. Even though he tossed pebbles to see there was something in chasm he had to believe that it reached the entire length. He also had to have faith when he picked out the Holy Grail.

It shows that even though we see there is something that helps us grow, balance, or connect, we have to have Faith that it is designed for our True Self.

Remember Faith is the ideology that we are connected to our True Self and we are vibrating at a higher level to connect to the right information. Follow your Faith/Follow your Heart and the direction will always be right.

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