How do you experience life? What is your connection to reality. We all are living a reality that is truly our own. If you think about how we see things and how we are connected to our thoughts they are truly ours. We are influenced by others in the way they might think but our thoughts are truly our own.

Experience is the knowledge we accumulate through our lives. Some people accumulate knowledge slowly and some acquire it quickly. Have you ever met a child that acts has says things that are way beyond her years? They have experienced and has drawn information from past lives. They experience life in as an adult in a child’s body.

We can experience Love, joy, pain, happiness, and contentment. It just means we need to access those parts of our souls. We release those emotions through the way experience different events in our lives.

Allow the experiences to be true and experience all parts of your life as it was the only time you can.

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