Connecting to Spirit


The understandings that a lot of people are going through right now is opening our energies and selves to the information on the Other Side. The Other Side does not only mean loved ones but also our guides. Our guides can be angels, passed over loved ones, and Ascended masters like Jesus, Buddha and so forth.

These guides come into our lives to help us through issues and to help point us in the right direction. When we are lost and we need a friend or support our guides come through in many different ways. They put somebody close to us to help us find thee peace or balance needed in our lives. They show us a direction we need to be in or that everything will be alright.

We are all evolving to a higher energy. We are all moving in a different direction. With so much change in our lives we don’t know sometimes what is best for us. How can we make the connection easier and clearer? Now, that is a big question. How can we ourselves connect to our loved ones on the other side? The ¬†answer is quite easy and here it is:

When we want to connect to our guides or a loved one that has passed over, we first need to let go of an emotional attachment we have to the loved one and to the situation that is wanting us to connect to a guide.When we are going through life easily it is easy to connect to guides or loved ones because our mind is at ease and clear. The difficult time is when there is change and chaos in our lives.

It is quite simple to connect to your guides and loved ones on the other side. Here is how you can do both. When connecting to loved ones it is best to set this up before going to sleep. This allows you to connect in a safe positive environment. You get comfortable in your bed as you get ready to go to sleep. You ask the loved one you want to connect to to come to you in your sleep. You picture them in your mind and let the picture go. As you start to drift off see yourself wrapped in white light. This will protect you as you sleep. This might not work for the first couple of times for as you do this you are letting go of any emotional ties and allowing their entire energy to meet with yours in a dream/ethereal state. This is you having the ability to astral travel to where they want to meet you. Remember to take deep breaths through your nose and exhale out your mouth to bring relaxation into your body. As you breath in bring in love, peace, strength, balance, and positive. As you exhale you release all tensions, anxieties, fears, worries, and negativity.

You will be able to connect within 3 or 4 nights if not sooner. This if course is dependent upon how emotionally connect you are to that person.

To connect to your guides is quite similar but different. You find a nice quite place in your house or at a beach or in the woods. Find a nice comfortable sitting spot. Take a seat in your spot. The best way to do this at the same time and same place everyday as this will connect you to energies in a stronger way. To start take three deep breaths, bring in love, peace, harmony, strength, balance, and love. Exhaling negativity, worry, fear, anxiety. After the third breath you will feel your shoulders drop and your body becomes relaxed. Allow your mind to clear and acknowledge any thought as that come in and let them go. Feel your breathing become more relaxed and as you do see a white light come down and fill the room you are in. This is your protection, God/Universal energies filling the room you are in.

As you sit there and are completely relaxed you ask for the highest and best information and guide to come to you. As you sit there your guide will come to you with the information that is needed for you. You might not see a guide the first couple of times you do this but you should hear or feel the information come to you. It is OK to feel that it was your imagination that heard something or felt something. This is how they communicate.

If you would like I do have an mp3 or CD of a meditation on sale on my website to help you reach that relaxed and meditative state.

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