Time- A sermon

Time How many people can say that they have enough time in their lives to accomplish the things they want to? Heck, how many people can say they have time in one day to achieve this goal. We create our own agendas and create our own time lines but what … Continue reading

Connecting to Spirit

The understandings that a lot of people are going through right now is opening our energies and selves to the information on the Other Side. The Other Side does not only mean loved ones but also our guides. Our guides can be angels, passed over loved ones, and Ascended masters … Continue reading

Who are your Guides?

Who are My Guides? I am always being asked how many guides do I have. Who are my guides? How can I connect to them? Can relatives or religious figures be Spirit Guides? Spirit Guides are ethereal beings that come into our lives to help us with situations or difficulties … Continue reading


How do you experience life? What is your connection to reality. We all are living a reality that is truly our own. If you think about how we see things and how we are connected to our thoughts they are truly ours. We are influenced by others in the way … Continue reading

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