Latest Product – Relaxation and Balance CD

Relaxation and Balancing CD

Learn to relax and return balance to your life in this amazing CD meditation guided by Jay. It has been scientifically proven that regular meditation reduces stress, decreases anxiety, and lowers blood pressure. Shouldn’t it be time to give yourself the gift of relaxation?

Now available as an immediate MP3 download.

CD: $12.00
MP3: $7.00

Who is Jay Higgins?

For more than 20 years Jay Higgins has been Jay Higgins - Psychic Mediuminvolved in the metaphysical and spiritual counseling fields. Certified in psychic development, mediumship and spirit communication, spiritual and energy healing, and spiritual counseling – Jay is also working on his minister studies at the Center for Metaphysical Fellowship in Sarasota. Read More.

Jay's Radio Interviews

Jay’s Services

Spirit Communication Session
Jay connects to loved ones that have crossed over and are now in spirit. This is done to help both sides heal and to provide to you knowledge that those who have crossed over are happy and safe. Learn More.

Channeling Session
Jay connects to your guides for information that is pertinent to your life. This session helps to give you direction and provides answers to any life questions you may have. Learn More.

Tarot Card Reading
Jay uses the Voyager and Rider Waite Tarot Cards along with numerology and astrology. These readings cover all aspects of your life. Learn More.

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